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The year 2020 has already broken all the catamaran sales records on as our clients sell their boats on our site a whole lot faster than anywhere else. We are ranked very high on the internet search engines for “catamaran for sale by owner” and are receiving many … tens of thousands of visitors per month. These are all people interested in cruising catamarans, and in addition, our email list of boat buyers is the envy of the industry. 

We are happy to inform you that Suvuka has been sold. The sea trial went fantastic and she sailed like a witch. Just want to thank you for your professional website and your personal advice and information offered in selling Suvuka.
Warm regards, Arthur” February 2018

We are proud of the premium listing area we offer boat owners. Ours is a Boutique Catamaran listing service, unlike any other on the internet, as we not only specialize in showing your boat at it’s best, we show it to the exact market segment of premium boat buyers you would like to reach. 

Our Catamaran Listings are able to contain more detailed text in their advertisements, as well as show customers more and larger photos than traditional boat advertisers. We are able to embed video into your catamaran advertisement. This is the Internet … people who boat shop on the Internet expect to see lots of photos and video. We allow as many photos and videos as a boat owner can upload, as we find that ‘more is better’.. and expect a minimum of 25 to 40 photos of each listed boat to be uploaded to us. Our website format is specifically designed for fast indexing by search engines. Every listing goes right to the top of Google / Bing /Yahoo/ Ask / AOL Search engines. 

We also have a dedicated following of almost 1000 boat buyers who want to buy a catamaran and have asked us to email them listing details, when a new catamaran is listed on our website. We offer you access to 10s of thousands of catamaran buyers and our mailing list of perspective buyers. Just fill out the form below to get started.

I want to thank you for your help and support marketing our boat. With over 11 showings of our boat which resulted in a contract. We will be closing on the sale tomorrow. I would highly recommend your site to anyone interested in buying or selling a catamaran. – Randy” March 2018

Feedback from boat owners who list their catamarans with us is very positive. They all say they receive more inquiries from us than any other internet source and in fact many catamarans sell every month as a result of advertising right here.

We are the most effective catamaran listing and advertising site on the internet!!

If you could change the status of “Londonderry Air” to “under offer” that would be great…..”
“…The vast majority of good potential buyers who have contacted us came through Catamaransite, and it only took about three weeks to find a good match at very close to our asking price. The Purchase and Sale agreement is signed, deposit paid, survey is booked, and we hope to close early in May. Your Catamaransite really came through for us. I know how much time you spent working with me to get our boat listed, and if you do the same for all the other Cats you list, that must keep you VERY busy. 
Colin” March 2018

“Hi Rick,
S/V Mimi has sold. I received a lot of inquiries – much more than from other sites. Yes – buyer found her through your site. So I used your site both to find Mimi, and also to sell her 6 yrs later. Thanks for your site! Steve Brantley” July 2018

Catamarans advertised on this website receive good world wide exposure, as we receive daily visitors from Europe, North America , The Caribbean, Australia, South Africa, Asia / Pacifica, South & Cental America and just about everywhere else. (people located ‘everywhere else’, please pardon the expression). 

“Hi Rick,
As of yesterday Sea Monkey has been sold. Please remove the listing when you get a chance. And thanks to you and your website for getting the boat sold! Andy Miller” July 2018

We are also very involved with social media advertising and leverage their networks to help sell your boat. 

At last count we received visitors from 119 countries in the last 30 days and have sold boats from Florida to Australia.

There are no brokerage fees and no commissions involved. This is premium advertising done with the absolute best there is in web media, for a very low price.

Our Catamaran Advertising Rates

  • First 3 months: $59.99
  • Next 3 months: $59.99 (This is the last payment you make)
  • Upon Renewal Payment, your boat goes back to the top of the list
  • If the boat hasn’t sold by then, your advertisement runs free of charge until it does. That’s pretty straight forward, right?

Complete the following form to begin the process to advertise your catamaran for sale with us. We will contact you to complete the listing.

Please have a look at current boat advertisements to understand our unique format:

Please include:

  1. A basic sales write up describing the boat and her features.
  2. Boat Specifications.. Length, beam, engines ..etc
  3. The asking price and desired currency
  4. Your boat’s name and where she can be viewed
  5. The boat inventory is required
  6. You’ll receive photo upload instructions when we receive this form.
  7. When you’re finished, click “submit” and the “Donation” form will appear. Please make your $59.97 donation via Paypal.

When you press the submit button after filling out the listing form, it will take you to our Donate page. Pressing the Donate Button takes you to a PayPal secure server, where you can use a credit card in a fully secure environment. If you have any questions about this, just email me the question, when you complete this form. If it doesn’t appear we’ve replied to your listing request, then check the ‘junk mail’ area of your email program for our reply.

“Hi Rick wanted to tell you Gato Risón is under contract. Closing is 9/4. A month after our listing went live. I wish we listed it with you to begin with. We put it on on 6/28 and had some interest even a low ball offer, but nothing after that. We decided to look at other options before listing with a broker and we found your website. Boy are we glad we did! You did such a great job with the listing. Thank you. Best, Don and Andréa” August 2018

“ put my boat in front of serious buyers. Almost every inquiry was a legitimate buyer not a tire kicker. I could not have been more pleased with Rick’s responsiveness, the site’s functionality, or the quality of inquiries. Best of all I sold my boat without a broker saving myself tens of thousands of Dollars. Thank You. Scott” November 2017

@@@@ Note… We can not go to any website and ‘download’ photos and/or info nor include a link to an outside webpage as this violates our policy of providing original content as well as possibly violating copyright law.

I am very pleased to say the Catalac Haptic Duo has now been sold thanks to your site and it sold very quickly with lots of interest. We also advertised it on Apxx Dxxk and Bxxts and Outbxxds but we received more enquiries from Catamaran Site and more importantly the enquiries we received from Catamaran Site were genuine buyers.– Andrew”
June 2017

Hi Rick,
Just closed on the boat yesterday thanks to your website. We had an offer within 24 hours with many more wantabies. Could you please cancel our ad and thanks again for a great job. Ron “
December 2017

Fill out this form to advertise your boat for sale on

Fill out this form to advertise your catamaran for sale on

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All photos, boat information / boat specifications provided to this website for the purpose of advertising a boat for sale, enter the public domain upon the advertisement publish date, and therefor are not considered proprietry or private. This information may be used by perspective boat buyers in their decision making process and may be used in various areas of at our sole discretion.