Dockside – AC Line Voltage by Country

International Power Standards(Courtesy of ASEA Power Systems,Inc.) Country Frequency Nominal Voltage American Samoa 60Hz 120/240 or 277/480 Antigua 60Hz 230/400 Argentina 50Hz 220/380 Aruba 60Hz 127/220 or 115/230 Australia 50Hz 240/415 or 250/435 Azores 50Hz 110/190 or 220/380 Bahamas 60Hz 120/240 or 120/208 Bahrain 50Hz 230/400   60Hz 110/220 Balearic Islands 50Hz 127/220 or 220/380 […]

Bahamas Navigation Lights

(Light Houses) Light House Town Area / Island Duration Visible Range Bird Rock Lighthouse Crooked Island Northern entrance to Crooked Island Passage Two white flashes every 15 seconds. 18.5 miles Castle Island Lighthouse Acklin Island Southeastern entrance to Crooked Island Passage Two white flashes every 20 seconds. 20.0 miles Cay Lobos Light Cay Lobos Old […]

Chris White 55

The Atlantic 55 performance catamaran was especially designed for speed, maneuverability and luxurious living. These boats are legendary as they combine a forward cockpit, live aboard comfort with incredible performance. In addition to being extremely seaworthy and comfortable, they will out-sail most charter yachts in the Caribbean. Construction for speed provides for an extended cruising […]

Chris White

Chris White Catamaran designs are custom built boats by professional boat builders or can be home built Chris White pioneered the foredeck cockpit first appearing in his Atantic series catamaran design and now featured on many cruising catamarans. He also invented the unique MastFoil rig, which can be described as two large jibs on booms […]

Catana 39

The Catana 39 is a fast, lightweight cruiser with slender hulls and daggerboards suitable for off-shore or ocean cruising and racing. She performs well to windward, tacking through 90 degrees, and doesn’t pound in ‘lumpy seas’. The accommodation is comfortable with standing headroom in the cabins, two heads compartments and well positioned sleeping areas. Catana […]

Catana 381

At just under 39 ft. LOA, the Catana 381 is the smaller (& most affordable) of the popular Catana range of performance cruising catamarans. She has daggerboards, for upwind efficiency, high bridge deck clearance, her asymmetrical ‘V’ shaped bows help to prevent Hobby horsing while providing great style, while providing high performance. She is blue […]


Catana Catamarans are the exception to the rule, as they specialize in semi-custom boats built with input from their future owner. In addition these are high performance cruisers. Each boat is built with carbon fiber in the inner skin and the SCRIMP resin infusion process. The sandwich construction also incorporates Twaron, a fiber that is […]

Broadblue 435

The Broadblue 435 feature a cutter rig, broad sidedecks and waterproof bulkheads which give you your first clues that these boats were built to the highest European Union standard, Category A (Ocean), with Lloyd’s-approved materials, and were designed from the keel up as blue water sailing catamarans. These boats delivers a high level of cruising […]

Broadblue 385

Broadblue 385 Catamaran is a well designed, well maintained Luxury Catamaran. The Broadblue 385 is designed to be a fast, responsive, coastal or blue water cruiser built to the normal high quality standards of Broadblue Catamarans. They were designed to be a fast, responsive, coastal or blue water cruiser and has rapidily gained a reputation […]


Broadblue is a UK company based at Thornham Marina, Emsworth, Emgland. Andrzej Armiński’s shipyard is Projektowanie i Budowa Jachtów, and they build the Broadblue 385, Rapier 400 and Broadblue 346 catamarans for Broadblue. Yes, the hull’s are Polish-built and finished in the United Kingdom. They’re solid glass, .5 to 1.25 inches thick below the waterline, […]